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I am happy to share with you the vision and philosophy of Pinnacle Technologies Investment Co. Ltd. – the finest green energy concept producer in Hong Kong.

At Pinnacle, we strive to bring to you the highest standards of safe and dynamic small wind turbines, designed in-house and manufactured to stringent quality standards.  Pinnacle’s professional R&D staff and designers coupled with our experienced production engineers ensure that our products are globally competitive and defined by quality, safety and reliability.

Pinnacle marketing professionals believe in offering our valuable customer with competitively priced products and services. We draw on the twin resources of a wealth of engineering talent and low manufacturing costs to deliver real value to customers. Our sales advisors and visual merchandising team ensure that every Pinnacle product represents the spirit of our brand promise ‘Pinnacle’.

Reaching out in constant pursuit of excellence and achieving greater customer satisfaction, we look forward to receiving your feedback and suggestions – do please get in touch with us at info@pinnacle-tech.com

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