> Caravel 2.5 (model FD3.5-2.5/12)

CARAVEL 2.5 wind speed-power curve


Product Type CARAVEL 2.5
Type downwind horizontal axis
Rotor Diameter (m) 3.5
Blade Material carbon fiber reinforced resin
Number of Blades 3
Rated Power (kw) 2.5
Rated Wind Speed (m/s) 12
Voltage (v) 230VDC, 56VDC
Cut-in Wind Speed (m/s) 4
Cut-out Wind Speed (m/s) None
Survival Wind Speed (m/s) 60
Generator Type disc permanent
magnet synchronous
AC generator
Rated Rotation Speed (r/min) 300
Brake disc machine brake
Speed Regulation change pitch automatically
Tower Height (m) 8
Weight of Head (kg) 190
Tower Type conical tube without cables
Operation Type off-grid or grid-connected
Output Control System off-grid or grid-connected
controller inverter
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