> Frigate 10 (model FD7-10/11)

FRIGATE 7.5 wind speed-power curve


Product Type FRIGATE 10
Type upwind horizontal axis
Rotor Diameter (m) 7
Blade Material fiber glass
Number of Blades 3
Rated Power (kw) 10
Rated Wind Speed (m/s) 11
Voltage (v) 230VDC, 345VDC
Cut-in Wind Speed (m/s) 4
Cut-out Wind Speed (m/s) none
Survival Wind Speed (m/s) 60
Generator Type permanent
magnet synchronous
AC generator
Rated Rotation Speed (r/min) 210
Brake disc machine brake
Speed Regulation mechanical centrifugal
pitch changing
Tower Height (m) 12 (basic), 16, 20
Weight of Head (kg) 600
Tower Type cylindrical pipe with cables
Operation Type off-grid or grid-connected
Output Control System off-grid or grid-connected
controller inverter


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